Take a message — Leave a message
An Interactive Communication Platform

Globally, we are constantly taking and leaving millions of digital messages daily. As this digital communication space becomes more integrated into our daily lives we forget about the physical post. As a way to intervene in public space, Take a Message—Leave a Message becomes a platform for non–digital connections. Situated in Sternberg Park in Brooklyn, this magnetic dry erase board equipped with various writing utensils, act as a forum for the local community to engage with one another and their environment.

After the initial installation, this board remained a
permanent structure. Once established in the community as a posting platform, it took on many types of messages. The most notable insight was that the first couple of messages would dictate the mood of the board. If started with messages of love
or encouragement, similar messages would follow.
If started with personal endorsements, the board soon filled with @handles of self promotion.  I would restart the board to generate new content no matter if the content was positive or negative.1

1.Messages collected from the board:

“Trans people are beautiful”
“GOD Exist 360˚, One way”
“Love is the message”
“No storm can last forever,
Keep Pushing Keep Going.”
“Donald Trump is a terrible president”
“I Believe in you, stay strong!!!”
“Wow, New York City. Thanks for
all the bullshit.”
“I got Knicks Fever”
“Listen, Listen again, Listen some more!”
“You are born, who you are.”
“Love Yourself First!”
“Some will, some won’t, so what!”
“How you value your time matters!”
“I’m Proud of you guys!”