SeeSign SeeSaw
English to ASL Printmaking Device

SeeSign SeeSaw is an English to American Sign Language printmaking device. A collaboration with Amy Auman, this printmaking see–saw takes a playground staple and creates a fun, playful, learning experience. It allows the user to learn a printmaking technique while simultaneously being introduced
to sign language. SeeSign SeeSaw, acts not only as
an open system for communication but also as an
opportunity for learning.

The user inputs the Latin character printing blocks1 into the 3x4 grid to typeset a message. The user then applies pressure to the see-saw resulting in a translation2 of the Latin text into American Sign Language (ASL).  This experiential prototype is meant to create awareness for the surrounding deaf communities. Once placed in a community with auditory disabilities this device acts as a tool to learn and communicate with other members of the community while spreading awareness of the disabilities present in that community. SeeSign SeeSaw provides access to free communal learning experiences while strengthening and enriching the community.

1. 3” x 3” printing blocks used to set messages. Made from laser cut and etched pine. Roman text on the up side and sign language on the opposing.

2. American Sign Language translation of “B-O-O-M” the sound made when the see-saw plate comes into contact with the printing blocks.