Public Messaging Board
Billboard for the People

Every day we encounter billboards filled with advertising for America’s corporate giants. Rarely do we see these signs projecting non–commercial messages. Public Message Board subverts the billboard as a marketing tool and points toward an open platform for public voice. This, two by nine, eighteen character messaging board1—located at Dexter Training Ground on the west side of Providence—displayed messages of greetings, encouragement, love, and action.

Public Message Board intervenes on the physical space acting as spectacle enticing community members to create a public message for the community.In building this public space, the project encourages a public trust; indeed the possibility of an amplified message adds accountability to the community to create appropriate content. This accountability changes the single user’s message into a collective one allowing the device to act as a amplified public notice platform.

1.  Two row by nine column typesetting grid

2. 13" by 19" Latin character panels used to typeset messages on the board