Public Chair
  Container for Environments

Public Chair is a public object that incorporates the environment in which it is hosted. This chair becomes a kind of social sculpture, both an art form and a usable object. If public furniture could adapt to its environment would it make for a more approachable object? Would it become overlooked? Could the Public Chair contain messages that respond to its site-specific problems?

To start addressing these questions I fabricated a deconstructable double paneled acrylic chair1 modeled after Donald Judd’s 1982 Low Shelf Chair.2 The double paneled acrylic house images printed on transparency film3 and placed within the paneling. Therefore, the deconstructable feature of this object allowed the interior content to be removed and replaced to match the environment it was hosted. 

1. Double paneled acrylic chair- first
assembled before removal of the blue protective covering.

2. Sketch of Donald Judd’s 1982 Low Shelf Chair. Sketch from the website.

3. Printing photographs on the transparency film as a way to create interchangable content was inspired by a furniture show at Nilfar Depot in Milan, 2018.