Parks United PVD

Once comfortable in our nearby physical places we often become complacent, forgetting to explore the other public spaces around us. After a weekend of research visiting dozens of parks1 throughoutNew York City, I began to realize how siloed we are in the spaces most convenient to us. Each park embodies the characteristics of its surrounding neighborhood. These characteristics are helpful in understanding the local neighborhoods that make up our larger urban community. So, in an attempt to create exploration between neighborhoods andcommunities I created Parks United in my current place of residence: Providence.

Parks United is a ten-character (P-R-O-V-I-D-E-N-C-E) word puzzle distributed over ten parks throughout the Providence area. Each park contains a letter to help complete the word. The word puzzle encourages people to visit different neighborhood parks throughout the city while meeting new people, exploring new places, and connecting through its public spaces.

Each letter poster was hand painted2 on a 3’ x 4’ yellow fold-able cardboard panel3 with the name of the park its order in the word puzzle.

1.  NYC Parks Visited:
- Imagination Playground
- McCarren Park
- Sternberg Park
- Frank Lloyd Wright Park
- High Line Park
- Washington Square Park
- East River State Park

2. Cassandra helping with the hand
painted lettering

3. Recycled yellow panels from the
R.I. Center for Education