One Condom
Speculative Object + Writing Workshop

Prompted to exchange a single object with someone else knowing that it would never be returned. I gave away my Pasmo card, the Japanese transit card, and in return I received a decorated Trojan condom. After the exchange we were told to write about both objects.

In reflecting upon the Pasmo card that I had always kept in my wallet I made two distinct observations. 1) This card represented my love for Japanese culture and 2) it served a very specific function within my wallet, which was to keep the rest of the cards secure in place. All the cards in my wallet act like shims to keep each other secured. They act as a community holding one another together. Some cards are used more often than others but their relationship to each other is symbiotic. Therefore, once I gave away the Pasmo card the entire wallet was in flux.

Prompted to create a formal response in conjunction to the writing excercise. I created One Condom a chipped credit card that acts as both a functional tool for my wallet and a social tool to bring awareness to sexual health. One Condom had the same dimensions as the Pasmo card and contained past sentimentalities as well as new ones.