Hidden Message
Interactive Listening Device

Hidden Message becomes an open system for interactive listening intended to connect users through aural participation. This one-way acoustic message transmission device is intended for two users. User 1, the speaker, inputs speech into a single channel receiver transmitting an acoustic message into a two-channel (L and R) output intended for User 2, the listener.

This experience subverts the common relationship between the speaker and listener allowing the listener to embrace the more active role. It becomes the choice of the listener to step into the space of engagement. As the expanding digital landscape impinges on simple conversations, users might benefit from this unusual experience, one that attempts to reconnect human participants.

Despite Hidden Message’s disorienting vernacular,1 the project deploys an ease of use we all have encountered before from the playground pipe telephone2 to a simple can & string.3 Like Public Message Board, Hidden Message subverts the hierarchy between the listener and speaker directly.

1. Consisting of cautionary orange
construction cones and PVC piping

2. Playground Pipe Telephone

3. Can & String Telephone